Butterfly Dress

This is my 100th post.. yeayyyy… can’t believe I wrote that many. I made this dress specially to be posted today as my last post in the year 2014, my last DIY project this year, and my 100th post. One of my goals is to reach 100 posts by the end of 2014, and I am happy that it’s accomplished. Year 2014 has been a fantastic year to me, hope next year will bring even more joys and blessings … and I am hoping the same to you!


Why butterfly dress? because it’s made for next summer dress, because the lace around the shoulder and sides looks like butterfly to me, and because soon my little baby is hitting new milestone her 2nd birthday when she is officially becoming toddler.. just like caterpillar transforming to butterfly 🙂


butterfly dress 2



butterfly dress 4


butterfly dress 3




butterfly dress 5


I found this beautiful writing in my ObGyn Office….



The Universe yet incomplete

on the sixth day GOD created her


and GOD said to her

I shall give to you

a heart full of compassion

a spirit free to fly with the birds

a vessel to carry life into the world

wisdom to know the great truths

courage to rise out of oppression

strength to move mountains

gentleness to kiss the earth

passion to set the world on fire

vision to respect the earth that bore you

a playful nature to dance with children

laughter to fill the valleys

tears to wash pain away

hands for laboring and loving

intuition to know the unknown

desire to be that which you were created to be

and GOD said to her


I have created you in My image and likeness and


Raspberry CupChocolate

Last week I made cream puffs for our church community christmas gathering and had prepared melted chocolate for drizzling on the top, but it was quite a busy morning with the baking, cooking, baby bathtime, feeding, and since it’s christmas day I needed extra time to dress up nicer than usual… at the end I had no time to drizzle the chocolate ( because it needed to be melted again as I made it too soon in the morning). So here it is, the dessert I made using those chocolates, Rapsberry Cupchocolate… instead of Raspberry Cupcake 🙂

Cupchoco 1


I melted the chocolate again, poured and molded  it to the silicon cups, then stored them in fridge for them to harden.

Once they are ready, which is not long, gently take them out and store again in the fridge until you want to use them.

cupchoco 4


I made fruit tart pastry cream for the filling and added rapsberry on the top. It is easy, quick, and also pretty for dessert. Enjoy!

cupchoco 3

cupchoco 2


Fun Apron

This is the project I did almost 2 weeks ago, sewing aprons… 1 is for christmas gift an the other is for house warming gift.


fun apron

Birdies Duo Tops and Hat

This duo tops sewing project was started first with sewing the reversible hat. The hat pattern is from Oliver S free pattern… This was the first time I used ready pattern instead of the one drafted by myself. When the hat was finished came the idea of making tops that incorporate both fabric so that they can be worn with the hat. So here they are, Birdies Duo Tops plus Hat. This was also my first time making top, the clothing projects I made for my little one prior to this were dresses.

little birdies tops 1


It started with this hat.

little birdies tops 4


The duo tops. One is in birdies print fabric and the other one is in polkadot with bird applique to tie the theme.

little birdies tops


little birdies Tops 3



Here come the best part, my little darling wearing mommy’s made.

little birdies tops 2

Banana and Cheese Puff Pocket

This is my 95th post so far, my goal is 100 posts by 2014, 5 more to go before entering 2015, wish me luck!

Since I’m racing with time to accomplish the goal, I’ve been looking into my files to see projects that haven’t been posted yet and this is one of them. I made this puff pocket often, but this one is different from what I usually made because I made the pastry from scratch. If you are looking for puff pastry recipe that is easy and fast, this is the recipe I got from A flock in the city blog: http://www.aflockinthecity.com/2012/04/17/homemade-puff-pastry-the-quicker-version-by-nick-malgieri/ . I didn’t use food processor, just pastry blade. Another thing that I learned is you have to move fast to prevent the butter becomes too soft.

banana puff


When your puff pastry is ready, cut it in 3″x3″ square, add slices of banana and shredded cheese, sprinkle with sugar then fold half to triangle shape, brush with egg wash, baked until golden brown, that’s it!


banana puff pastry 1

Baked Banana and Bread Pudding

Every month, at least once, I make banana cake because of over ripe bananas sitting on the counter…they are so ripe you don’t want to eat them just like that, not to mention the skin discoloration that makes them so unattractive( though I know they are at their highest stage of health and nutritional benefits ). Then I started thinking about trying new recipe for those over ripe bananas and this one is very easy and good, this is actually Vietnamese dessert I had couple months ago. After comparing recipes, here is my version. Enjoy!

Baked banana bread 1


1.Roughly chop/ dice 4-5 slices of bread ( I used bread end, this recipe is also good for making use of bread ends). thinly slice 4 bananas, set aside.

baked banana bread 2

2. Combine 1 C coconut milk, 3/4C water, and 2 tbs sugar (more if you like sweeter). Soak the bread ends into the mixture for about 5 minutes.

3. Arrange the sliced bananas  in a layer alternatively with the soaked bread in the pie plate, baked for 20-30 minutes or until the top is golden brown.

baked banana bread 3

4. Bon Apetite.

baked banana bread 4