Cotton Candy Baby Blanket – DIY crochet

I name this baby blanket Cotton Candy Blanket as it reminds me of the fluffy and puffy cotton candy, don’t you think so ? This is a simple puff stitch commonly used in making blanket, found the pattern online. I added fabric liner on the inside for practical purpose when wrapping the baby.

Baby Blanket 1


It uses 2 strains of no#4 yarn (Lion Brand Baby Soft) with K hook. Here is the pattern :

– Chain multiple of 3 stitches then add 2 at the end. Basically we just chain the length to the measurement desired in multiple 3 chains then add 2 chains at the end.

– Single Crochet (SC) at the 1st stitch from the hook then 2 Double Crochets (DC) at the same space, skip 2 and repeat.

– At the end, SC at 1 last chain, chain 2 then turn.

– Repeat the pattern 1 SC, 2 DC at the space between 2 puff.


Baby Blanket 2


Baby Blanket 3


Baby Blanket 4


Baby Blanket 5

Crochet Baby Cloche – DIY

Happy New Year 2013!

In the last 2 days of last year finally I was able to check one of my 2012 resolution which is crocheting. It all began when I saw so many pins in pinterest about crochet projects… so cute and adorable, I wished I had somebody to teach me how to do it… well Mr. Google came to help.

Here is my second project, made it yesterday, took about 3 hours. Click here for the link to the pattern.

I can see crocheting is one of the way to meditate, saying prayer and wish in doing the stitches is really calming and relaxing, specially prayer for the person to whom this project is dedicated 🙂

Baby cloche

My CH, SC, DC, HDC, TC, SlTc practice. I bought the yarn months before during sale for $1, at that time I didn’t know that certain size of yarn needs certain hook and what material works best for what project, I just picked whatever available on sale.

baby cloche 1


First crochet, Rose.

baby cloche 5


Color combination for my second crochet project, Baby Cloche. I used the light and dark pink.

baby cloche 2

baby cloche 3

baby cloche 4