Beary Beary Love You, part 2 – Sewing Tote Bag

So here come the part 2,  sewing tote bag for my little one. If you miss the previous posting, here is the link. All the materials I used in this project came from my scrap fabric storage therefore the size this tote bag basically based on what scrap fabric size I had.


bear bag 1


I cut the main (the one with bear embroidery) and lining fabric in 14″ x 18″ including 1/4″ seam allowance, the straps is 1″ wide x 12″ long ( finished size).

bear bag 2

Fold in half and sew the fabric on the longest side with right side facing together. Do the same for the lining. Draw line about 2″ from each corner, sew, then cut the excess. Do the same for the lining.

Turn the main fabric and lining with the right side facing together, position each straps about 3″ from edge, sew the top and leave 2″ opening for flipping.

bear bag 3

This is the picture after I flip it. Sew the top including the opening.

bear bag 4

Project done!

bear bag 5

Seeing my girl liking it is priceless 🙂

bear bag 6

Beary Beary Love You, part 1 – Bear Embroidery

Sewing and embroidery project I did during memorial day weekend. I put it into 2 separate postings, one is for the embroidery and the other one is for the sewing. So here is the part 1, Bear embroidery!


bear embroidery 4

My girl loves stuffed animal, specially bear, anything with bear… I got this bear sketch from the bed sheet, it has printed bears on it and she always kisses them whenever I use the sheet on the bed… so cute to just watch her doing so 🙂

Initially I was planning to add some wild flowers and bees, as you can see I had drawn them on the paper  in the right side, but then the plan’s changed … I added balloons and writing instead, I think this would be more fun for her.


bear embroidery 1

The bear outfit came from scrap fabric.

bear embroidery 2

bear embroidery 3

Stay tune for the part 2, I used this embroidery in sewing tote bag for her.

bear embroidery 5

Children Linen Summer Dress

This is recycling project I did last weekend, my first sewing with shirring. The fabric is from my old pink linen skirt, I think it was from my high school or college time. I always like its texture and color, but not the fitting so I decided to give it the new look and purpose 🙂


Linen dress 1


My old skirt:

linen dress 2

Cut the length.

linen dress 3


The shirring part. Despite all the researches I did in youtube and google, I still had hard time  figuring out why the shirring didn’t work. In one of the tutorial, the lady keep saying that we have to make sure the elastic thread hooked to the bobbin correctly… though I reminded myself to do so I still failed to check if it stayed that way after I hooked it. It took me almost 1 hour just to solve this. Finally I double checked the bobbin and the thread was bounced back from the hook, that’s why my fabric always came out flat,mystery solved!

linen dresss 4

Attach the straps.

linen dress 5

linen dress 7

I added lace on the straps and bottom of the dress. Beside the elastic thread, this lace is the new material I bought, the rest came from what I’ve already had.

Extra flower appligue to make it prettier.

linen dress 6

linen dress 8

Here is my little model with the dress.

linen dress 9


Lemon Tartlet with Mango Topping

My favorite part in this dessert is the lemon tartlet, like it very much… I picked mango as the topping just because I have it ready in the kitchen, ripe and sweet. I could actually use berries topping, but I’d need to thaw them first while the mangoes were lining up on the counter, just need to be peeled and diced. I bought 2 boxes of half ripe mango last time went to grocery  shopping, by the day I made this recipe they were all ripe, my little one just loves it.


lemon tartlet with mango 1

Recipe for the tartlet can be find here.


meon tartlet with mango 5


Recipe for the pastry cream is for Joy of


lemon tartlet with mango 4

lemon tartlet with mango 3

lemon tartlet with mango 2

Little Batik Dress

This is the first dress I made for my little one. The feeling when I see her in this dress is amazing, so pleased it fits her well. My mom used to sew us dresses and I’m happy that I’d be able to do the same for my daughter.


batik dress 1

The batik fabric is the one I bought from Jakarta years ago, it’s initially planned for homedecor project like the one I did here. When I was looking for materials in my fabric stash, I remembered I had this one and thought this batik fabric would work perfect combined with left over blue batik (for the shoulder ties and pockets). I do not have pattern or tutorial for this post, sorry… the pattern is made spontaneous and sewn  after my little one went to sleep, somehow it felt like racing with time between being sleepy and wanted to go to bed and being determined to finish it that night 🙂 …..I hope it still brings you inspiration.


batik dress 3

batik dress 6

batik dress 4

batik dress 7

batik dress 5


Believe it or not, the hardest part was actually to get a nice picture of her wearing this dress. Maybe she also felt the excitement I felt, she just kept running around and moving. This is the best I could get.


batik dress 2

Fabric and Crochet Pear Applique

Remember my previous post Cupcake applique ? Here is the link …. This is the same shirt only in different color.  For this one I used the combination of fabric and crochet.

My husband said it’s guava when I asked him what it looked like 😦 …. Hopefully you can see it as a pear.


Pear applique






Pear applique 2

Pear applique 3