Cosmetic Pouch- DIY crochet & sewing

I made this crochet after seeing Martha Stewart project, crocheting pencil case… I have done sewing pencil cases but never with crochet, so I like this idea very much., only this time I made it for cosmetic pouch. The inspiration for the houses applique is from the oldtown Tallin, Estonia, I visited last september… Such a charming historical site. I also added the picture of the oldtown below, so let me know what do you think … Can you see the houses there in my applique? ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope this brings you inspiration too !

cosmetic pouch


cosmetic pouch 3


cosmetic pouch 1


cosmetic pouch 2


cosmetic pouch 5


cosmetic pouch 4

Crochet Rosette Brooch- DIY

I have seen many pretty and cute crochet flower tutorial and patterns in internet. They all look great for brooch, but this one is my favorite, so elegant and perfect for my brooch project. I found the pattern in by Daniela Herbertz. With some accessory pearls and beads, make it more custom look and feel fancy.


Rosette brooch 1


This is what it looks like once we finish the stitches.

rosette 1


Put it together to form the rosette, add the ย pearls or beads.

rosette 3


Add felt and stitch the pin on the back.

rosette 2



I made it in 2 colors.

rosette 4


Perfect for gift.

rosette 5


Perfect for jacket, perfect for summer!

rosette 6

Crochet Cupcake Applique

Bought this shirt in heavy discount price on Target, on the way home suddenly got idea to add on cupcake applique to make it more appealing, then remembered that my sewing machine’s broken, eventually still have the cupcake applique but in crochet. At the end mission’s accomplished, the shirt’s nicer.

cupcake applique

This is the applique. Not a good tutorial since I don’t have the pattern, basically just trial and error to get the shape, hopefully it still bring you inspiration.

cupcake applique 2


Crochet Mouse- DIY

This is the weekend project, easy and quick, crocheting little mouse. I’m planning to make more and put the magnet for the fridge… or it may just become my little M’s toy which is what it’s been, my baby’s been throwing and chasing it around ๐Ÿ™‚

I didn’t write down the pattern, but it’s simple, just follow your imagination to get the shape with increase and decrease Sc.


mouse 5 copy


mouse 1


mouse 3


mouse 4


mouse 2

Crochet Coaster – DIY

I made these coasters for housewarming gift, I don’t have the crochet pattern for this project though .. sorry. What I did was making 4 chains, sl st together to make a circle then sc along the chains. In the inner round I did 2 sc at the same space, when the circle got bigger I reduced the count. I added sc at the same space whenever the edge began to curl, otherwise 1 sc for each space. The good news is I have the pattern for the flower edge ๐Ÿ™‚ It needs 4 chains space for each : 1 sc, 1dc 1tc at the same space, 1tc, 1dc 1tc at the same space , repeat.


coaster 1


coaster 3


coaster 2


Baby Nursery – part 2: Crochet Baby Spa Basket

My initial plan was to make a fabric basket for organizing my baby bath and care stuffs, but then my addiction to crochet began so the plan was switched to crochet basket. I had been asking mr. Google for any free basket pattern, none was as I wanted… after seeing many crochet basket images, I thought I will just make it in all single crochet, no pattern needed, keep it simple and easy.

I used Lily Sugar’n Cream 100% cotton medium#4 yarn in natural color, the hook is F.

Start with making chain as desired length then continue with single crochet as many row as wanted to get the width. Once you have the rectangle you can build up the row vertically to get the height… that’s it!

Spa basket 1

Spa basket 2

Spa basket 3

Spa basket 4

Spa basket 5

Spa basket 6

Round Pillow – DIY Crochet

I am recently into crocheting so much this is my 3rd post in row about my crochet projects. Pattern for this round pillow can be found at I used Lily Sugar’n Cream 100% cotton no#4 yarn with H hook.

Round Pillow


Each pillow needs 2 round pcs, 1 with ruffle and the other without ruffle.

Round Pillow 1


Round Pillow 2


Round Pillow 3


To make the insert pillow, cut 2 pcs 18″ diameter fabric, sew the wrong side together then flip, fill with poly fiber, then sew close. (I drew the circle using pencil tied to a piece of 9″ long yarn)

Round Pillow 4


Round Pillow 5


Finishing : Stitch 2 round crochet pcs together with pillow insert inside, it might seem tight but it will eventually stretch to fit the pillow nicely.

Round Pillow 7


Round Pillow 6