A Slice of Spring at Atlanta Botanical Garden

Spring is my favorite season. it reminds me of hope, the hope for new beginning, the hope for new circle of life, the hope for a better tomorrow. Watching all those beautiful plants sprouting, growing, and blooming in the rhythm of spring symphony really awes me. How sweet is spring, how sweet is life.

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Sweet Hyacinth

The first flowering bulb I planted in my garden was Hyacinth. Coming from tropical country, I never saw this flower before until 4 years ago when I sat in an office with this flower gracefully sent its fragrant in the room. That moment I said I want this flower.

Its sweet fragrant brings back the memory of Ama, my beloved grandmother ( my mom’s mother ), such a talented gardener with extraordinary heart. She liked to put a flower above her ears. Her favorite one was a tiny yellow flower which fragrant was very similar to hyacinth, unfortunately I don’t know what is its name.

Now my hyacinths are almost spent, but the memory of its fragrant is always there, just like my memory of my Ama 🙂