Baby Nursery – part 3: Curtain DIY

My 3rd post for Baby Nursery… As mentioned in previous post (baby nursey-part 1), the color theme for this nursery is blue and orange. Although blue seems to dominate the room since it’s applied as wall paint color, orange gives a bold character to the room when used as accessories or decoration, curtain is one of them.

Got the fabric for the curtain on sale at $6.69/yard at … I had been looking for fabric in orange color, with fun pattern, thick material, and good price. When it arrived I was so happy, it was all that I looked for.. the print quality is nice and the cotton duck fabric looks expensive. If you are looking for customized window covering, instead of DIY project, maybe this website can help PaylessDecor.

Curtain nursery 1

The fabric bought at

Curtain nursery 2

Iron the hem for upper and bottom edges in with 1/4″ allowance.

Curtain nursery 3

Sew the pocket strips onto upper hem.

Curtain nursery 4

Love the color!

Curtain nursery 5

Baby Nursery – part 2: Crochet Baby Spa Basket

My initial plan was to make a fabric basket for organizing my baby bath and care stuffs, but then my addiction to crochet began so the plan was switched to crochet basket. I had been asking mr. Google for any free basket pattern, none was as I wanted… after seeing many crochet basket images, I thought I will just make it in all single crochet, no pattern needed, keep it simple and easy.

I used Lily Sugar’n Cream 100% cotton medium#4 yarn in natural color, the hook is F.

Start with making chain as desired length then continue with single crochet as many row as wanted to get the width. Once you have the rectangle you can build up the row vertically to get the height… that’s it!

Spa basket 1

Spa basket 2

Spa basket 3

Spa basket 4

Spa basket 5

Spa basket 6

Baby Nursery – part 1: Wall Mural DIY

Decorating baby nursery is all about fun! The hardest part was actually picking the color … For my baby girl, I want her room to feel neutral with girly touch here and there, definitely not pink room. The theme is sunshine in the morning sky (sounds like movie or song ^.^ ), the color pallet is orange and blue. I made several DIY projects for this baby nursery which will be posted separately, so don’t forget to return to my blog for future posts 🙂

Part 1 of baby nursery project is wall mural.

baby nursery wall 1


The room has the wallpaper border around above the chair rail. Since it’s still in good condition and works well with my decor plan, I decided to leave it and go ahead with painting the wall.

baby nursery wall 2


Next, drawing and painting the trunk.

baby nursery wall 3


Preparing the leaves using scrap fabric.

baby nursery 4


Attaching the leaves. Spray wet and thoroughly the fabric with liquid starch (for ironing the cloth). When dried it will stay nicely on the wall.

baby nursery 5

baby nursery wall 6


The bird house. Got it for $1 at JoAnn during sale. Painted with left over dining room yellow color paint then covered with wrap paper.

baby nursery wall 7

baby nursery wall 8


The Birds. I Saw these birds at Etsy shop, it looked quite simple so I just DIY-it. What you need is felt, orange & black scrap fabric, and extra accessories to dress them up.

baby nursery wall 9

baby nursery wall 10


baby nursery wall after