Baby Nursery – part 1: Wall Mural DIY

Decorating baby nursery is all about fun! The hardest part was actually picking the color … For my baby girl, I want her room to feel neutral with girly touch here and there, definitely not pink room. The theme is sunshine in the morning sky (sounds like movie or song ^.^ ), the color pallet is orange and blue. I made several DIY projects for this baby nursery which will be posted separately, so don’t forget to return to my blog for future posts šŸ™‚

Part 1 of baby nursery project is wall mural.

baby nursery wall 1


The room has the wallpaper border around above the chair rail. Since it’s still in good condition and works well with my decor plan, I decided to leave it and go ahead with painting the wall.

baby nursery wall 2


Next, drawing and painting the trunk.

baby nursery wall 3


Preparing the leaves using scrap fabric.

baby nursery 4


Attaching the leaves. Spray wet and thoroughly the fabric with liquid starch (for ironing the cloth). When dried it will stay nicely on the wall.

baby nursery 5

baby nursery wall 6


The bird house. Got it for $1 at JoAnn during sale. Painted with left over dining room yellow color paint then covered with wrap paper.

baby nursery wall 7

baby nursery wall 8


The Birds. I Saw these birds at Etsy shop, it looked quite simple so I just DIY-it. What you need is felt, orange & black scrap fabric, and extra accessories to dress them up.

baby nursery wall 9

baby nursery wall 10


baby nursery wall after

2 Comments on “Baby Nursery – part 1: Wall Mural DIY”

  1. maggie says:

    This is sooo beautiful! I was thinking of doing something like this but I wasn’t sure if it would come out cute! Now I know it will!

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