Starting My Cakery

I just started my cakery recently. It started after I made the chocolate lace birthday cake for my husband. A friend of mine wanted to order one. Here is the picture of that cake that became the milestone 🙂

mocha cake with chocolate lace

I also made custom buttercream cakes beside the standard chocolate lace that has become a hit.

This is succulent cake, all swiss buttercream decor, enjoyed making this very much.

succulent cake


The Pink Rose anniversary cake which was inspired by David Austin rose I have in my garden.

kristanto anniv cake



Rose Bouquet Butter Cream Decorating – Anniversary Cake

This is a special project to me, not only because this is our 10th anniversary cake but also because I’d been looking forward to decorate a cake like this. To be honest, I don’t have many occasions where I can experiment with cake decorating… we only have 3 birthdays and 1 anniversary in a year, often times we celebrated it during our visit to Indonesia which means we had the cake from the bakery there. So moment like this is quite rare.

I’m a big big fan of butter cream decorating, it looks delicate soft and elegant to me.. well I also see many fondant decorating which are very cute and lovely but it never gives the same awe as when I see butter cream decorating.. what I mean here is when I compare them apple to apple in size and theme. But of course fondant can provide you with more possibility given its flexibility.


10 anniversary cake 2


The hardest part was not the flowers part, it was how to get the smooth cover on the cake. There is tutorial about using Viva paper towel to smooth it which I will try next time.

10 anniversary cake 3


I had so much fun preparing the flowers… my best friend said to me that it’s actually kind of our me time and stress relieve, since we both share about the same hobby and passion (craft and art), and she is totally right.

10 anniversary cake 5

10 anniversary cake 4


Happy anniversary to us.

10 anniversary cake 1


Pillow Sham – DIY

Since the guest bedroom bed doesn’t have headboard, I put these pillow shams to add the height and also act like a headboard (kind of). As mentioned in previous post, as the result of the wrong color paint I need to work around the gold circle stamp accent wall while decorating this room, so I picked this brown geometric fabric from JoAnn store with 50% + 25% discount, what a great deal! I’ve already had 2 big pillows in 26″x 26″ size, the pillow sham is sewn in 25″x 25″, smaller, for puffiness.



1. The front fabric, the linen back fabric, the back lining fabric (for lining the linen).

2. Cut fabrics, add 4″ overlapping fabric for the back, plus seam allowance ( I used 1/4″). I added another 1/4″ seam allowance for back lining in order the wrap the edge in final step to cover frayed fabric.

3. A. fabric arrangement; B. Sew the back fabric (linen) and lining fabric; C. Sew all the fabrics with right side facing together; D. wrap the edge with lining fabric to avoid fraying.

4. Flip inside out, here is the closer look at the back.

5. Finished! happy with how the looks against the accent wall 🙂