Customized Store Bought Curtain

Still working on the guest bedroom, now is the window dressing. I saw this nice pair of curtain in clearance section, yes I knew the height is less than what I wanted but I like the fabric very much, it’s sheer fabric with satin strips and its color is just what the room needs, combination between gold and khaki, and the best thing is the price, perfect! To make it works and also to give my own personal touch, I decided to add linen fabric and satin ribbon.

1. The Linen and Satin ribbon.

I think Linen makes a good pair with sheer fabric, it adds texture. The Satin ribbon mimics the Satin strip on the original curtain.

2. Sewing the Ribbon and Linen.

3. Window dressing : check! one more item removed from the list.

Roman Shade DIY

Initially, I planned to replace the aluminum blind in the laundry room with bamboo shade ( here is the link for anyone who is looking for bamboo shade But then I wanted something with blue color to match the wallpaper below the ceiling and gave contrast to the yellow wall. Since I got some fabric coupons from JoAnn I thought why don’t just make fabric roman shade using parts of the blind I was going to replace. VoilĂ , my DIY project for laundry room window!