Roman Shade DIY

Initially, I planned to replace the aluminum blind in the laundry room with bamboo shade ( here is the link for anyone who is looking for bamboo shade But then I wanted something with blue color to match the wallpaper below the ceiling and gave contrast to the yellow wall. Since I got some fabric coupons from JoAnn I thought why don’t just make fabric roman shade using parts of the blind I was going to replace. Voilà, my DIY project for laundry room window!

13 Comments on “Roman Shade DIY”

  1. Brilliant reuse!! Attractive and functional.

  2. I love how crisp and tidy this looks, nicely done!!!

  3. This is the perfect diy. I love how you combined the mini blinds with the rods to give a very professional finished shade. I want to replicate this but i have a couple questions. Can you be more specific as to how you prepared the pockets for the dowels? Did you create the pockets before you sewed the liner and face fabric together?

  4. Faye says:

    I absolutely LOVE it! I have been racking my brain for such a well planned/photographed tutorial…. you really ought to put this into book form, and offer it for sale. I am very serious, this would be most welcomed by expert and novice sewers, in any of our fabric stores!!!

    Faye in N.S., Canada

  5. greeneyedrn72 says:

    Couple of questions…can you be more specific about how you made the pockets and after velcroing the fabric to the headrail how do you keep it in the window?

    • For the pocket, make a small fold on the back then sew along from edge to edge.. I use the original bracket from the aluminum blind, just put it back to
      its place since I didn’t take the brackets off.

  6. Rebecca says:

    I”ve looked at a lot of diy roman shades and this one is the one I like thee best. the crips edges and just clean look of them are great. I’m starting this prodject [shades] soon. I have eight wendows in my furture. Ihave just one qusetion. How many inchhes between rods ?

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