Crochet Coaster – DIY

I made these coasters for housewarming gift, I don’t have the crochet pattern for this project though .. sorry. What I did was making 4 chains, sl st together to make a circle then sc along the chains. In the inner round I did 2 sc at the same space, when the circle got bigger I reduced the count. I added sc at the same space whenever the edge began to curl, otherwise 1 sc for each space. The good news is I have the pattern for the flower edge 🙂 It needs 4 chains space for each : 1 sc, 1dc 1tc at the same space, 1tc, 1dc 1tc at the same space , repeat.


coaster 1


coaster 3


coaster 2



Guest Bedroom Decor Revealed – DIY

Finally, guest bedroom project is finished, actually I finished it last month but hadn’t had chance to update the post for a while.

guest bedrppm reveal


The DIYs for this room can be found here :

circle wall stamp :

customized curtain :

pillow shams :

bedside table :