Wall Stamp To Save Wrong Paint Color

I am currently decorating the last 2 rooms in the house, hadn’t done anything to them since moved here 4 years ago. For the guest room I was planning a minty green, very light and fresh, I picked the color and had a good feeling about it. Later that day I asked my husband for his opinion, he picked the one that’s 1 shade darker… well, since I asked him first I thought let’s just follow his pick. On the first couple rolls, I could see how dark it is, and after finished I felt like in the kinderganten or daycare room. Totally not what I picture the room would be in my mind. I didn’t want to redo the color, this room has many corners and borders that need detail works and I just didn’t have the energy to repaint.

How to make it elegant and comfortable for the guest ? .. without repaint. So here is what I did. I stamped the wall to get wallpaper effect, the wall where the head of the bed will be, to create a focal point and to distract the eyes from the greens. I used Martha Stewart Gold paint and am planning to add other gold accessories to tie the room together. On the future post I will let you see the finished room, so hope to see you checking my blog again.

1. Draw the pattern in the felt, I drew circle with asymmetric thickness. Cut it and glue to a piece of cardboard with the same shape, then glue a piece of styrofoam for handle.

2. This is the gold paint I used.

3. The stamping process.

4. The gold color really adds richness to the wall, like it!

6 Comments on “Wall Stamp To Save Wrong Paint Color”

  1. I think your wall is fabulous! I love that such a simple stamp can make such a great impact! Looking forward to seeing the finished room.

  2. Very good solution! Very neat circles, I think if I was to do it it will be an absolute mess!

  3. thehungrymum says:

    what a clever clogs you are! I love the look of this, very chic.

  4. Amy Thomas says:

    I love this look, it definitely tones it down, gives the wall a more sophisticated, slightly retro feel. Whats funny is the little clip I saw for this page that lead me to take a closer look is that for some reason I got the idea that you were making the circles by using a toilet plunger! I do plan to make an appointment with an optometrist shortly.

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