Honeycomb Blanket – part 2, final

Finally I finished the blanket!!! After hours of hours stitching, it’s done 🙂

1. Stitch the fabric to follow paper template shape. I didn’t pierce through the paper, other tutorial suggested it, I think leaving the paper clean will save time when we want to remove it.


2. Stitch link the pieces.

3. Each big piece link.

4. Put the big pieces together as desired.

5. Stitch link all big pieces. This is the picture from the back, you can see the paper templates.

6. Remove the paper templates.

7. I forgot to document the process of putting the cotton batting, the border and back liner, sorry 😦 …

8. Finished.


10 thoughts on “Honeycomb Blanket – part 2, final

      1. Reminds me of an afghan I crocheted years ago that I stupidly did in single stitch – the WHOLE thing! Took forever and I had to look at it every time instead of being able to watch tv or have a conversation with someone. Haha, needless to say, I have always done different stitches since, or alternated between single and double, etc!

      2. Crocheting is super enjoyable – I learned with one of those kits (Teach yourself to Corchet) you can buy at the store. Single stitch works well for a small project like a scarf, just not for an afghan that fits a double bed!! 😉

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