Honeycomb Blanket – part 1

Though popular term for this is hexagon quilt, I prefer name it honeycomb..  to me it sounds much better, less technical. This is my first honeycomb blanket and I don’t think I will make another at a long long period of time, too much work 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy making it, but I have so many projects going on this one just takes much more time than I anticipated. At this point I am half way to finish the blanket so stay tune for next post Honeycomb Blanket part 2.

My Ama (my grandmother from mother side) used to make patch blankets from scrap fabrics. Back then, the blanket was made using any kind of left over fabric in any size, it was so irregular, no pattern, totally mismatch. There were sometimes fabrics from old pants, dress, shirt, and mostly polyester. We calls Ama blanket Poor guy blanket because it was so unattractive although it serves its function very well, imagine how warm polyester fabric can be :).  Ama always tried to salvage as much fabric as possible, her philosophy was saving! saving! saving! and less spend, similar to recycle, reuse, and reduce … hmmm when I think back of her, she was actually more advance in thinking process then our generation, she’d got this idea! Making my own blanket reminds me a lot of her, all the compassion and values she taught us, my prayer for her always.

I made 2 patch blankets before, both were for presents, so I don’t actually have my own blanket with me… they were not the version of poor guy blanket though, they were in color coordinated soft cotton fabric .. hey, they were presents! had to make sure it’s a nice looking blanket. I learn the term quilting here in US, there are special quilting fabric, quilting book, quilting pattern, quilting class .. wow it amazes me how a simple blanket making that I call patch blanket becomes so fancy. Then I saw this blog about making hexagon quilt, inspired me to make mine, my honeycomb blanket.
Fabric selection.

Cut fabric. I found this blog how to make hexagon quilt without hand stitch each hexagon piece, it’s faster. After comparing several tutorial I decided to go with the traditional method, the one that requires long process but for me it gives puffy look which I like.

Paper template, almost 500 of them.

My sister also made quilt. Picture of my niece on the blanket she made, cute!

Ok, those are the pictures of progress last weekend, I hope to finish my honeycomb blanket this weekend. To be continued, Honeycomb Blanket – part 2.


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