Rapunzel Bedroom

Months before we moved in whenever I asked my little one what kind of bedroom she would like to have in our new place, her answer was Rapunzel room. I associated the room with purple color right away, the color theme of disney rapunzel. Well I was relieved she did not said pink or blue. I’m personally not a big fan of pink room and we had had blue room and I had enough of it. Purple sounds fun, soft, lavender, calm.. like it.

Then next question is what does Rapunzel room should have beside purple? Rapunzel picture? No.. the guy and the horse? of course no. I don’t want the room being overdecorated with Rapunzel knick knack that won’t last long. Something with purple and simple and clean and elegant and can be kept for years to come (probably until her middle). Then she said ” mama I want floating lights in my rapunzel room”. My first thought was oh no, I don’t wanna put lantern things on the ceiling.  Hmm what about painting something on the wall that mimics the floating lights.


Do you think those gold circles close enough to floating lights ? 🙂

I used my husband’s shoe polish sponge (I don’t think he will realized it until he read this post) and leftover gold paint which I used in guest bedroom makeover in our old place. Unexpectedly the sponge leave the texture which I think make the gold stamps look unique and better.

And the best part is my daughter loves the room. Hope this inspire you!

Wall Stamp To Save Wrong Paint Color

I am currently decorating the last 2 rooms in the house, hadn’t done anything to them since moved here 4 years ago. For the guest room I was planning a minty green, very light and fresh, I picked the color and had a good feeling about it. Later that day I asked my husband for his opinion, he picked the one that’s 1 shade darker… well, since I asked him first I thought let’s just follow his pick. On the first couple rolls, I could see how dark it is, and after finished I felt like in the kinderganten or daycare room. Totally not what I picture the room would be in my mind. I didn’t want to redo the color, this room has many corners and borders that need detail works and I just didn’t have the energy to repaint.

How to make it elegant and comfortable for the guest ? .. without repaint. So here is what I did. I stamped the wall to get wallpaper effect, the wall where the head of the bed will be, to create a focal point and to distract the eyes from the greens. I used Martha Stewart Gold paint and am planning to add other gold accessories to tie the room together. On the future post I will let you see the finished room, so hope to see you checking my blog again.

1. Draw the pattern in the felt, I drew circle with asymmetric thickness. Cut it and glue to a piece of cardboard with the same shape, then glue a piece of styrofoam for handle.

2. This is the gold paint I used.

3. The stamping process.

4. The gold color really adds richness to the wall, like it!