Budget Bedside Table Makeover – DIY

So here is another project again as the result of wrong paint color in guest bedroom, remember that I need to adjust the decor to the gold circle accent wall? I was planning to have classic gold bedside table and I don’t want to buy something new just to be painted in gold, but it’s also not easy to find bedside table in the gold color that matches that gold accent wall. So the realistic way to accomplish the mission is to do the makeover. I actually not a big fan of painted furniture, I like to see the beauty of original wood grain and texture on it. Unfortunately, I have to paint this piece due to 2 reason: to match decor of the room and the bottom of the bedside table I bought was in bad shape. I’m quite happy with how it turns out, for my 1st furniture makeover, it’s not bad 🙂

1. The condition when I got it, for $5 from garage sale you can’t expect much.

2. A. cut the bottom part; B. put the primer coat; C & D. primer finished.

3. Attach the bracket for new leg. The new legs adds more classic look which I want.

4. Attach the painted gold leg.

5. Painting the 1st coat of gold and white.

6. After 3rd coat.

7. Add knobs which I got for less than $2 for all three of them (a steal from Worldmarket). Like the rustic look with gold accent.

8. I interchanged the direction of paint brush between vertical and horizontal to give this antique linen look.

9. Finished.

7 Comments on “Budget Bedside Table Makeover – DIY”

  1. I’m so glad you could keep this little table from ending up in a landfill! Nice job. It looks fantastic!

  2. whoa this looks great! good job!!!!

  3. Cool. Can’t wait to see the fully decorated room. You have actually inspired me to get my blind done this weekend. Considering I should have done it last year. =D

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