Earphone Pouch DIY

I saw this super cute pouch picture in one of DIY blog which name I forgot to save so hopefully the step by step instruction here is as close as the original posting and would be able to help crafty reader to make it.

I used the leftover purple Cirebon Batik as main fabric with stripped color coordinated fabric as the lining and tab. I can say that this is another Fun with Batik project and you will find me using many Batik fabrics in future DIY or sewing post, it really is so much fun also bring my feeling closer to my family and friends in Indonesia 🙂

1. Cut :

  • 1 pc of 4.5″ diameter main fabric, lining, and interlining
  • 2 pairs of half circle main fabric, lining, and interlining
  • 1 pc of 2.5″ x 2.5″ fabric for the tab

2. Prepare the tab

3.  Line and pin the 1st half circle main fabric, lining, and interlining with zipper positioned in between main fabric and lining. Right side of main fabric and lining facing each other.

4. Sew 0.25″ from zipper edge

5. Flip open the fabric to the opposite side so that interlining meets the wrong side of lining fabric.

6.  Sew the front side along the zipper line.

7. Repeat for the 2nd half circle on the other size.

8. This is what it looks like from the back.

9.  Move the zipper head to the middle ( half way open ) then sew the tab. The position of zipper is important to make sure you will be able to flip the fabric later.

10. Arrange the full circle fabric (with interlining in between, right side fabric facing outside) then put together with the sewed half circles. Secure with pins, make sure the main fabrics facing each other.

11. Sew about 0.25″ from the edge, trim the excess interlining just before the stiches, cut the excess zipper, then flip inside out.

12. Sew along the edge of circle, put the key chain/ ring and done!!!.