Baby Nursery – part 2: Crochet Baby Spa Basket

My initial plan was to make a fabric basket for organizing my baby bath and care stuffs, but then my addiction to crochet began so the plan was switched to crochet basket. I had been asking mr. Google for any free basket pattern, none was as I wanted… after seeing many crochet basket images, I thought I will just make it in all single crochet, no pattern needed, keep it simple and easy.

I used Lily Sugar’n Cream 100% cotton medium#4 yarn in natural color, the hook is F.

Start with making chain as desired length then continue with single crochet as many row as wanted to get the width. Once you have the rectangle you can build up the row vertically to get the height… that’s it!

Spa basket 1

Spa basket 2

Spa basket 3

Spa basket 4

Spa basket 5

Spa basket 6

6 Comments on “Baby Nursery – part 2: Crochet Baby Spa Basket”

  1. Verónica says:

    It looks great! How easy and functional.

  2. Valerie says:

    Oh, what a cute idea! I’m going to have to make one of these! 🙂 If you decide you want to do a basket at some point, I have found a REALLY easy/fun way to do it: 😀

  3. Wendy says:

    I love your basket pattern and I’d like to make one for my bathroom counter. I’m a complete beginner. Can you please tell me what stitch you used to transition from the flat bottom to the vertical sides? Thank you very much.

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