Beary Beary Love You, part 1 – Bear Embroidery

Sewing and embroidery project I did during memorial day weekend. I put it into 2 separate postings, one is for the embroidery and the other one is for the sewing. So here is the part 1, Bear embroidery!


bear embroidery 4

My girl loves stuffed animal, specially bear, anything with bear… I got this bear sketch from the bed sheet, it has printed bears on it and she always kisses them whenever I use the sheet on the bed… so cute to just watch her doing so 🙂

Initially I was planning to add some wild flowers and bees, as you can see I had drawn them on the paper  in the right side, but then the plan’s changed … I added balloons and writing instead, I think this would be more fun for her.


bear embroidery 1

The bear outfit came from scrap fabric.

bear embroidery 2

bear embroidery 3

Stay tune for the part 2, I used this embroidery in sewing tote bag for her.

bear embroidery 5


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