Children Linen Summer Dress

This is recycling project I did last weekend, my first sewing with shirring. The fabric is from my old pink linen skirt, I think it was from my high school or college time. I always like its texture and color, but not the fitting so I decided to give it the new look and purpose 🙂


Linen dress 1


My old skirt:

linen dress 2

Cut the length.

linen dress 3


The shirring part. Despite all the researches I did in youtube and google, I still had hard time  figuring out why the shirring didn’t work. In one of the tutorial, the lady keep saying that we have to make sure the elastic thread hooked to the bobbin correctly… though I reminded myself to do so I still failed to check if it stayed that way after I hooked it. It took me almost 1 hour just to solve this. Finally I double checked the bobbin and the thread was bounced back from the hook, that’s why my fabric always came out flat,mystery solved!

linen dresss 4

Attach the straps.

linen dress 5

linen dress 7

I added lace on the straps and bottom of the dress. Beside the elastic thread, this lace is the new material I bought, the rest came from what I’ve already had.

Extra flower appligue to make it prettier.

linen dress 6

linen dress 8

Here is my little model with the dress.

linen dress 9