Cotton Candy Baby Blanket – DIY crochet

I name this baby blanket Cotton Candy Blanket as it reminds me of the fluffy and puffy cotton candy, don’t you think so ? This is a simple puff stitch commonly used in making blanket, found the pattern online. I added fabric liner on the inside for practical purpose when wrapping the baby.

Baby Blanket 1


It uses 2 strains of no#4 yarn (Lion Brand Baby Soft) with K hook. Here is the pattern :

– Chain multiple of 3 stitches then add 2 at the end. Basically we just chain the length to the measurement desired in multiple 3 chains then add 2 chains at the end.

– Single Crochet (SC) at the 1st stitch from the hook then 2 Double Crochets (DC) at the same space, skip 2 and repeat.

– At the end, SC at 1 last chain, chain 2 then turn.

– Repeat the pattern 1 SC, 2 DC at the space between 2 puff.


Baby Blanket 2


Baby Blanket 3


Baby Blanket 4


Baby Blanket 5


38 thoughts on “Cotton Candy Baby Blanket – DIY crochet

  1. I love this idea, it looks beautiful. I’ve recently crocheted some blankets for new grandson but they have the little stitch holes & that bothers me, they live in Indiana so it gets really cold, but if you put the backing that’s gone, yay! Thanks for the idea

  2. Would you be willing to provide the whole pattern?! I’m familiar with crocheting but don’t really sew, so I could use some specific directions! Thanks.

  3. The whole pattern for this blanket is just a repetition until you get the size for the blanket’s width. You can browse video tutorial in youtube: crochet cream puff afghan blanket by Tracey Aiena, it is very clear, I like how she describes the step by step Crochet. Hopefully my answer is helpful 🙂

  4. So I was wondering. . Can I use the chainless foundation on this type of pattern? I hope so because I have a hard time with the chain. I tend to make it tight and it starts curving.

    1. I’m not sure about that, haven’t tried it, what would you replace the chain with since it still need the base to hook the stitch. I haven’t learned crocheting that much and I’m curios too if we can do one without it, let me know how is the outcome. thanks for visiting!

    2. I have found that the single crochet foundation stitch to have too much give for anything other than for the neck area. Mine are always too “loose” for patterns that require a uniform size.
      My suggestion is to try a hook size larger than what your pattern calls for to ONLY make your chain. Keep up sizing your hook until you get the chain size to cooperate with your stitches until you learn how to control your tension when making your beginning chain. I hope this helps. 😊

  5. Love this and would like to make one for my first grand baby to be born in Sept! What border stitch did you use for the crochet part of the blanket? Thanks!

  6. Your blanket is precious! What size fabric did you use and what size was your blanket? Or is all of this in the tutorial?

  7. Thank you so much for this gorgeous pattern and the helpful information for lining it with a soft fabric. Love it!!

  8. Your blanket is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this information on how to sew the material on the crochet blanket. I’ve been wondering for a long time but never could sew it on my sewing machine and it would get messed up. Just question how well does the blanket hold up after washing it.

  9. Elyna – this is perfect! Have 2 babies due this winter, to be born in the Sierra & Rockie mtns. Brr-rr. Thanks, you’ve given me lots of ideas.

  10. I love this blanket. I am so excited to get it started. I had never thought about sewing material on the back of it. That would make it so much warmer for the baby and it would keep
    him/her from getting their toes and fingers caught in the crochet material.

  11. I tried make this blanket and I give lining but the problem the lining running around, bit hard or maybe I have to use the straight material?

  12. You do beautiful work! The lining Is such a wonderful idea. What stitches did you use for the border? Is it a round of slip stitches then two rounds of single crochet?

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