Round Pillow – DIY Crochet

I am recently into crocheting so much this is my 3rd post in row about my crochet projects. Pattern for this round pillow can be found at I used Lily Sugar’n Cream 100% cotton no#4 yarn with H hook.

Round Pillow


Each pillow needs 2 round pcs, 1 with ruffle and the other without ruffle.

Round Pillow 1


Round Pillow 2


Round Pillow 3


To make the insert pillow, cut 2 pcs 18″ diameter fabric, sew the wrong side together then flip, fill with poly fiber, then sew close. (I drew the circle using pencil tied to a piece of 9″ long yarn)

Round Pillow 4


Round Pillow 5


Finishing : Stitch 2 round crochet pcs together with pillow insert inside, it might seem tight but it will eventually stretch to fit the pillow nicely.

Round Pillow 7


Round Pillow 6