Cotton Candy Baby Blanket – DIY crochet

I name this baby blanket Cotton Candy Blanket as it reminds me of the fluffy and puffy cotton candy, don’t you think so ? This is a simple puff stitch commonly used in making blanket, found the pattern online. I added fabric liner on the inside for practical purpose when wrapping the baby.

Baby Blanket 1


It uses 2 strains of no#4 yarn (Lion Brand Baby Soft) with K hook. Here is the pattern :

– Chain multiple of 3 stitches then add 2 at the end. Basically we just chain the length to the measurement desired in multiple 3 chains then add 2 chains at the end.

– Single Crochet (SC) at the 1st stitch from the hook then 2 Double Crochets (DC) at the same space, skip 2 and repeat.

– At the end, SC at 1 last chain, chain 2 then turn.

– Repeat the pattern 1 SC, 2 DC at the space between 2 puff.


Baby Blanket 2


Baby Blanket 3


Baby Blanket 4


Baby Blanket 5