Baby shirt crochet & applique – DIY

When we left hospital last month, we got 1 dozen plain white newborn shirt …. actually some of them are 3m baby size. My baby wore this shirt home and whenever I put it on her or fold it after laundry I still feel amazed how time goes so fast and can’t believe she is here with me :). Now that she’s graduated from newborn to 1m baby I want to make this plain white shirt looks more special with some flower and color.

Onesies 7


The hospital plain white shirt.

Onesies 1


I used embroidery thread and crochet hook D. The pattern is from

Crochet pattern :

Chain 4, Slst.

R1: Ch2. 9dc in center of the ring. (10dc)

R2: Ch5. Skip next dc. *1dc in next dc. Ch3. Skip next dc.** repeat * to **. Slst in 2nd Ch of beginning Ch5. (total 5 Ch3 spaces)

R3: working on the Ch3 space (sc, hdc, 3dc, hdc, sc). Slst in the 1st sc (5 petals)

Onesies 2


R4 : working on the skipped dc in R1, change color if you want. Ch3. *Slst in the next skipped dc. Ch3**. Repeat * to **, Slst in the base of 1st ch3. (total 5 ch3 spaces)

R5: working on Ch3 space (sc, hdc, 2 dc, hdc, sc). Slst in the 1st sc. (total 5 petals)

Onesies 3


For leaf, I used scrap fabric from Fun with batik: living room pillow project.

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Stitch the crochet flower onto the shirt.

Onesies 5


Onesies 6


My Baby 1m limited edition shirt!!!

Onesies 8


4 thoughts on “Baby shirt crochet & applique – DIY

  1. Gorgeous! One question though – do you use anything to cover the inside to hide the stitching or just leave as is?

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