Puff Pizza Roll Up

After making Mushroom Puff,  I started my search of other recipe using pastry sheet. There’s a picture of mini pizza with puff pastry, the sheet was cut rectangle then we add the pizza toppings we want, bake it, that’s it… so easy. It gave me idea for making my version of mini pizza, I rolled it up. Perfect for snack.


puff pizza 1

1. Prepare 1 pastry sheet on well floured surface, spread tomato sauce onto the top, add 1C corn, 1/4C chopped sweet onion, 2 tbs green onion, add grated cheese as desired: white swiss, parmesan, cheddar, finish with mayo. Bottom line is you just add whatever you want for your pizza to suit your taste.

Puff pizza 3

2. Roll it, seal the end with egg wash, cut into 10 pieces, bake at 350F for 20-30 minutes.

puff pizza 4

3. Here is the look fresh from the oven.

puff pizza 5

4. Bon appétit.


puff pizza



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