Winter Fox Corduroy Dress

I don’t usually find cute corduroy fabric in store, there are many options in online but not in store. This one is an exception, I got it from JoAnn and it’s on half price. Such a cute and perfect fabric for winter outfit.

It’s been couple months since my last dress project, my little one has been growing a lot, most of her summer dresses are too tight to fit her even for the next spring… and they also are not suitable for this weather now. So bigger and thicker dress is what she need. I adjusted the pattern to be able to fit her hopefully until next fall, it does look too big on her now especially around the armpit and waist… well too big is better than too small. I was also planning to add sleeves but then I thought sleeveless will be more versatile… she can still wear it with cardigan or sweater during the cold weater(without adding bulkiness to the arm areas) and the dress might works well during some breezy summer day.

So here it is the winter fox corduroy dress. Hope it inspires you!


fox dress 2


fox dress 5



fox dress 3

fox dress 4



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