Mushroom Hand Pies

Mushroom is definitely one of my favorite thing in cooking… it is versatile and tastes delicious. Often times I only saute it in oil and add generous amount of garlic and that’s it, this simple menu’s never failed me. Mushroom in pasta is a perfect addition, mushroom in quiche is also very good. Though we, my husband and me, like mushroom very much, my little one does not. Luckily she likes this mushroom pie. This recipe is so good and easy, perfect for my little one snack time, I got it from King Arthur : For the dough I followed  the original recipe, for the filling I excluded the spinach.


Mushroom handpies


Making the pie dough is easy and quick, I only used 2 forks and little elbow grease… I prepared the dough the day before, refrigerated it, baked it in the next morning…. you know when you have 2 yo, things can’t be predicted and plans often need to be adjusted. The good thing with this recipe is you can always refrigerate either the dough or the filling, so no need to worry when you are not able to make it the same day.


mushroom handpies 1


mushroom handpies 2



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