Silk Flower Bouquet

Over the years I bought quite a lot of silk flowers. I usually had flowers in each rooms, in big and small vases. Each vase was only for 1 type of flower. After moving to new place, I changed my decorating style leaning toward clean and minimal decor. I don’t want many small stuffs in a room, just enough quantity of big statement pieces. So I gathered most of my silk flowers and arranged them in one big copper planter I found at Ballard Design outlet.

silk flower arrangement

It’s a big planter to fill so I bought extra bushes and leaves. I have no rule for the arrangement but I like the wild flowers kind of bouquet, random and fun.

  1. Put wire inside the planter. I used wood pieces to stabilize and rise the wire.bouquet 1

    bouquet 2

2. Cut the flower stems to desired length. If you are not sure what is the best length, you might fold the stems and see how it looks first. You can always shorten it later.

bouquet 3

3. I know it looks like a mess at the beginning, just keep going, once it gets more flowers to fill the spaces it will begin to look better 🙂

bouquet 4


Hope it inspires you!

bouquet 5