Basa Fillet & Napa Cabbage in Kimchi Style

Since I didn’t have grocery shopping last week, I only had 1 bunch of napa cabbage and 2 pcs 1ft long basa fillet left in the fridge. I decided to make Basa Fillet & Napa Cabbage in Kimchi Style for dinner. Why kimchi ? did I really use kimchi ? NO… It’s just a name that came to my mind because of the dish looks like kimchi, hot & spicy, plus I used napa cabbage which is the common vegetable for kimchi.


– 8 sheets Napa cabbage leaf, cut into 2inch or preferred size

– 2 pcs 1 ft long basa fish fillet, cut into 1inch or preferred size

– I egg white, lightly beaten

– 2 cloves garlic, chopped

– 2tbsp oyster sauce

– finely crushed 5 red chilies

– maize flour; ½ cup for fillet, 3tbsp diluted in ½ cup water for thickening

– sesame oil

– 5 tbsp vegetable oil

– additional 1 ½ cup water

– salt & pepper to taste

( note : ingredients above, except for napa, fish, and egg, are not precisely measured )


1. Mix fillets with eggs white and maize flour.

2. Cook the fillets in boiling water, set aside.

3. Sauté garlic in vegetable oil.

4. Add napa and oyster sauce, cooked until almost tender.

5. Add cooked fillets and chilies, stirring gently, add water + salt pepper to taste.

6. Pour the diluted maize flour while stirring thoroughly.

7. Drizzle with sesame o before serving.

8. Bon Appétit