Alphabet Wall Decor

I’ve had this pretty wrapping paper since last year, it was from WorldMarket. At that time I had no idea what it will be used for, it was just so pretty I couldn’t resist to grab it. The color is one of my favorite, the drawing looks like hand painting, and it’s thick with luxury texture.It works well with the wall decor I recently planned to make for the special room I am decorating at this moments. The wall decor idea is from Etsy shop. Instead of printing poster, I want it to be more personal with custom look, so here is my DIY Alphabet wall decor.

This is the printing poster from Etsy.

This rustic frame adds more nice details, like it very much.

The wrapping paper, pretty isn’t it ?

I used Sherwin William paint swatches for the letters, it adds depth to the finish instead of printing.

Wrapped the mat with wrapping paper, this is what it looks like before attaching the letter.

Print the letter on piece of paper, cut, glue to the paint swatch, then glue to the background.

Hopefully it brings you inspiration 🙂