Sweet Rose

pink rose 1

Actually I have no idea what rose is this, I just name it sweet pink rose because it’s been very sweet all these years, no diseases, no blackspots, flowering very freely, only moderate water need, not demanding at all. I even got it for free… from garden trash bag. My neighbor was pruning her rose when I asked for some of branches that were about to be thrown away. I just stick them in the soil and here they are, total 3 rose plants.


pink rose 3


I put wire support, the one I usually use for tomato, it looks even better… looks elegant. The flowers can be heavy they bring its branch down to the ground.

pink rose 4 copy



pink rose 2


pink rose 5

The other 2 are beside the sidewalk, I cut them back quite often to keep them bushy and low.


pink rose 6