Tofu Roulade

This is the tofu version of meat roulade. Meat roulade is one of the must have menu in our family’s special gathering such as Chinese lunar new year. The ground pork makes a big portion of the ingredient. Usually ground shrimp is also added. The casing or wrap is dried bean curd or we call it dried tofu skin.

Since I don’t like pork I used tofu to replace the ground pork. I also added vermicelli, but don’t ask me why because I just felt want to 🙂 .

You can always add, replace, or change the ingredient as you want to your preferred style, this recipe is easy and fun to make.

1.  Soak 4 bean curd sheets in water until soft, keep it in water until you are ready to assemble the roulade.

2.  Soak 1 roll ( +/- ½ cup ) vermicelli noodle in water until soft, chop to smaller size.

3.  Soak 3 pcs dried shiitake mushroom, rinse and finely chopped.

4.  Dice 1 box soft tofu then put in a clean cloth and squeeze out excess water.

5.  1 ½ cup ground shrimp.

6.  Shred 1 medium carrot, squeeze extra water.

7.  Chop ¼ cup parsley.

8.  Lightly beat 1 egg.

9.  Finely minced 2 cloves garlic.

10.  Mix all above ingredients ( except the bean curd sheet ) in a bowl, season with salt pepper.

11.  Assemble the roulade using bean curd sheet, once finished lightly brush the surface with vegetable oil.

12.  Steam for about 20 minutes ( count the time once the water start boiling ). I put banana leaves as the base.

13.  There are 2 ways for serving,

  • as steamed roulade, just slice and serve.
  • as fried roulade, fry in the oil once it’s cool, slice and serve.

14.  Bon Appétit.