Amicalola Falls Finally

After living 5 years in Georgia, last saturday was the first time for me and my husband to visit this well-known¬† Amicalola Falls. It is the highest falls in the southeast area, 1 hour drive from home. When we got there the weather was tricky, drizzle and cloudy. Just about 100ft on trail, we rushed back to the car, half wet as the rain’s getting heavier. Judging from the weather, it wouldn’t be good day for hike so went to a shopping center nearby for lunch. Surprisingly the sky slowly cleared up and the sun came out just in time we finished the lunch … well, we headed back to the site and finally made the hike … Amicalola Falls Finally I’ve visited you.

tricky weather

visitor center

the sky cleared up, we headed back to the site

beginning of the trail

the falls

almost ...

looking down from the base

at the base of the falls, after 175 steps ... another 425 steps to the peak

425 steps from base of the falls to the peak

looking from the peak