Drunken Snapper Soup

I have this red yeast rice  wine that’s been sitting in my fridge for almost 5 years. My aunt gave me to be used in her fish soup recipe. This recipe here is my own version which tastes as delicious as hers.. I think 🙂

This soup is very oriental, specially because of ginger and gojiberry.

Drunken Snapper 7

Serving 4 medium bowl

1. Prepare 1 lb. yellow tail snapper fillet (or red snapper), 1/2 C cooking rice wine, 2 tbs red yeast rice wine, 1/4 c gojiberry (rinsed), 1 C sliced radish, 1/2 C sliced ginger, salt to taste.

Drunken Snapper 1

2. Pan fried the snapper fillets in +/- 5 tbs vegetable oil, set aside, leave the oil in pan.

Drunken Snapper 2


Drunken Snapper 3

3. Saute the ginger, add red yeast rice wine and rice cooking wine, stir until the alcohol reduced. Meanwhile cook the radish in 5 C water.

Drunken Snapper 4

4. Pour the ingredient in the pan and gojiberries into the boiled water,  add salt to taste, cook for about 5 mins before add the snapper fillet, cook for another 5-8 mins to get all the flavors in the soup.

Drunken Snapper 5

5. Bon appétit.

Drunken Snapper 6


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