Burrito Style Wrapped Fried Rice

I was in the kitchen about to make fried rice for today’s breakfast when suddenly Qdoba burrito made an appearance in my mind. All the ingredients for fried rice were ready, but I still wanted burrito 🙂

Finally I decided to make fried rice wrapped in burrito style. Instead of mixing the eggs into the fried rice, I used them as my tortilla.

1.    Beat 3eggs, add a dash of cumin, salt pepper to taste, and 2 tbsp of flour. Mix until fully incorporated.

2.    In a non stick pan, heat 1 tbsp oil, spread ¼ of egg mixture to form a 10” diameter crepe.

3.    Prepare the filling for 4:
–       your favorite fried rice
–       seared chicken breast
–       lettuce
–       cheese
–       mayo

4.    Put the filling, wrap, and serve

5.    Bon appétit


5 Comments on “Burrito Style Wrapped Fried Rice”

  1. what a fab idea!!!!! these would be great at a BBQ for the nibbles platter! x

  2. Awesome recipe! Caught my eye with the mouth watering photo! I will definitely be trying this out and re-blogging on my site!

    Best wishes,

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